Next Generation Safety Eyewear Solutions

Eyeweb allows multi-location entities to easily maintain and manage enterprise-wide safety eyewear programs. Your organization’s safety eyewear program is electronically managed ‘in the cloud’ by the Eyeweb application eliminating the time-consuming and error-prone issues associated with a manual form-based program. Your employees have access to safety eyewear 24/7 from any Internet-enable device - ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.    The EyewebSafety solution is provided as a custom website for your company with volume pricing, benefit management and a custom catalog to meet your safety requirements.  Please learn much more at




Eyeweb is available for every shift at every location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week enabling you to provide a consistent, high level of service to all employees.

⇒  1,2,3 Easy Steps

⇒  Available on any Internet-enabled device.

⇒  All benefit rules are centrally maintained.

⇒  Unique product offerings based on employee departments.

⇒  Customizable frame catalog based on your unique needs.

⇒  Local administrative access to add/terminate employees.

⇒  Flexible reporting module and export capabilities.


And much, much more.  Benefit management and direct safety eyewear pricing available at: