How to adjust your eyeglasses

In most cases, it is not necessary to adjust your Eyeweb eyewear because our glasses are shipped in ‘standard alignment’ and will fit appropriately when you receive them.  If you find that the eyeglasses do not fit, they can always be adjusted – they’re designed to do so!

Adjusting Your Eyewear

Most opticians will adjust eyeglasses for free but if you are charged, let us know and we will send you a gift card as reimbursement. With a little care and by following our instructions, you can even adjust your glasses. When deciding to adjust your eyeglasses by yourself, remember that you need to be very careful. The adjustable parts are extremely delicate and adjustments done the wrong way may damage the glasses beyond repair. Also, adjusting your eyeglasses too often may cause the frame to break. While making adjustments to your eyeglasses, two important things should be kept in mind. First, the optical center of the lens needs to be directly in front of your pupils and second, the glasses should feel comfortable when you wear them.

Centering on the Optical Center

First things first, stand facing a mirror and look straight ahead. Put on your eyeglasses and position them to have the middle of the lenses located in line with the center of your eyes. This is the ideal position on your nose for the frame of your eyeglasses. All adjustments to your eyeglasses should be made while keeping the frames in this position.

Anatomy of Eyeglasses

In addition to the lens, eyeglasses generally comprise of ear pieces, temples, a bridge seated on your nose, and may or may not have nose pads.

Start with the Nose Pads

For eyeglasses with nose pads, adjust the nose pads first. Nose pads are attached to nose pad arms that are welded to the frame of the eyeglasses. Pushing them away from each other lowers the glasses down on your nose. Bringing them closer to each other makes the glasses rise up on your nose.  Make sure that they are balanced.  Also, you should only make slight adjustments to the nose pads. Large or frequent adjustments may damage the glasses. For eyeglasses that do not have nose pads, only the temple tips on the frame need to be adjusted to change the position of the eyeglasses.

Balancing the Eyequation

If your glasses seem to be tilted or off center, set them upside down on a table or any other flat surface. The temples should both rest on the table. If any temple is not touching the table, it should be adjusted to balance with the other temple. If the eyeglasses are too low on the nose, slightly adjust the temple tips to move the beginning of the bend further up the temple arm. If the glasses are too high on the nose, adjust the bend to move the beginning of the bend down the temple arm. If the eyeglasses are too tight, adjust the ends of the glasses temples so that they bend more outward toward your ears and grip your head less tightly. If they’re loose, adjust the ends of the temples so that they bend inward towards your head and grip it better. If the eyeglasses squeeze the side of your head, bow each of the temples just a little to make the glasses comfortable while still keeping the temples in the right position behind your ears. If your glasses are uneven, it implies that your ears aren’t in line with your eyes.  It’s nothing to worry about: this condition is very common.  Slightly lower the temple arm on the side of the lower ear or raise the arm on the side of the higher ear. Remember not to put any pressure on the hinge holding the glasses temple to the glasses frame to prevent damage.

Way of the Plastic

Avoid making large or frequent adjustments on the eyeglasses frame regardless of the material (plastic or metal) in order to avoid fracturing the frame material.  In the case of plastic eyeglasses frames, always apply heat to the plastic before you try to adjust it. This can be done either by placing the temple tips on the frame under hot water for approximately 20 seconds or by using a hair dryer to warm it.  When the frame is slightly warm, make the adjustments and then run the frame under cold water in order to solidify the plastic in the new position.  Applying too much heat can warp the plastic and discolor the finish.  Also, if your eyeglasses don’t fit even after you’ve made many adjustments, it is probably time to buy a new one.

In most cases adjusting your Prescription Eyeglasses is not needed as most come as a standard fit and do not require any tinkering. Most opticians will adjust your Eyeglasses for free but there are a few who might charge a small fee, but with a little understanding we can give you instructions on adjusting your Eyeglasses Online by yourself. All adjustments to your Eyeglasses should be made while standing facing a mirror and looking straight, position your lens to have the middle centered right with your eyes. If you’re Eyeglasses have nose pads that is what you should start with first.